Thursday, 27 March 2014

How to Install and configure sendmail for Windows Task Scheduler

Easy way to install and configure sendmail on windows machine.

If you want using send mail on windows without installing  smtp server
you can done it, fallow below step and done process.

Requirement :

1. Windows 7/vista , 2003/2008 server
2. or above ( download to this link )

Put the zip file where you want like C:\
extract this  and rename folder name : sendEmail-v156-notls to sendmail


Add event :
Got o Event Viewer > Task Scheduler > Operational > right click on alert massage and attached task to this event

Program/script: click on browse and select sendEmail.exe
Add arguments(optional) :
-f -t -u Subject -m Task start Failed! -s -xu -xp password
Send multiple mail :
-f -t  -t -u Subject -m Task start Failed! -s -xu -xp password

click next and finish configuration!


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